• Ukrainian consumers will have the possibility to try functional RAW products from Lithuania

    2023-05-10 10:24

    For all the April participants of project‘s „EU4Business: Connecting Companies“ mobility scheme from Ukraine and Lithuania had an exchange in Kedainiai, Lithuania. The hosting partner JSC „Kvalitetas“ produces functional RAW products, such as a variety of berries, vegetables, herbs, seeds powder, and their mix. It is a blend of European “super-food” and “fast food”. These products are innovative and have the highest quality and enhanced functionality, developed in collaboration with scientists. The outgoing partner entrepreneur Kukhlii Yuliia has a caffe in Ukraine.

    Current fast moving life style needs innovations in food consumption, on the other hand there are expanding market share of eco, healthy food, and functional food as a new trend. The participants of mobility scheme developed new products recipes to satisfy this demand. Their collaboration covered different activities: introduction to qualities of functional foods and their production specifics, planning and development of innovative functional products recipes, production of samples, testing and degustation and improvement of preliminary recipes. Some of them will be tried to implement in their businesses. Both participants were very excited that they had such a possibility to participate in such a program. Once the exchange started they realized that both of them will be benefitted much more than it was expected. They are planning to develop and sign collaboration agreement between their businesses.

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