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  • About

    OUR MISSION – to unify and represent the business community for the sake of sustainable growth and the prosperity of society

    OUR VISION – to become the most well-known regional business community in Lithuania

    VALUE PROPOSITION – Accelerate your personal and business growth through acting in the community



    Kaunas Chamber of CIC as a non – governmental and a non – profit seeking organization is one of the five chambers of commerce in Lithuania. Based on private law with its main goal in supporting the development of companies’ economic activity and representing, and defending the interests of business community. The community is comprised of various businesses, and educational, and scientific, and high technology institutions.

    Kaunas CCIC has a long standing reputation for best practices in providing information and consulting services to entrepreneurs. As part of a national representation of business community, Kaunas CCIC performs opinion surveys of companies in the region as regards business – related legislature. Towards achieving its strategic objectives, Kaunas CCIC has developed a work programme, involving concrete activities and initiatives aimed at improving the business environment in Kaunas region, attracting new investments, promoting export and helping Lithuanian companies in entering European and world markets, improving labor market conditions, enhancing competitiveness of the regional business

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