• International textile sector B2B event “Textile Connect 2021” attracted more than 600 companies from 45 countries
  • International textile sector B2B event “Textile Connect 2021” attracted more than 600 companies from 45 countries

    2021-06-11 13:56

    Is it possible for companies to digitally find new business partners that works with textile and fashion? Textile Connect 2021 proves that it works! More than 600 companies from 45 countries connected during four days of digital matchmaking.

    On the first days of June 2021, the second edition of the international textile sector matchmaking event “Textile Connect 2021” took place. This year the matchmaking was organized by partners in Sweden, Almi Företagspartner Jönköping AB, and Lithuania, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts. Both parties are also a part of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and the EEN sector group Textile and Fashion.

    “The event was a great success! Many participants signed up, not only from Europe but also beyond and there were lots of meetings taking place during the 4 days of virtual matchmaking resulting in new business deals. This is a very time-efficient way to connect and build relationships for the future” – Therese.

    Textile Connect attracted participants from all over the world

    Textile Connect 2021 connected companies/designers looking for production partners such as manufacturers, service providers and suppliers within the textile and footwear industry. Repeating last year success, this year matchmaking attracted many companies not only from Europe but also companies from Asia, Africa, the USA and South America. Nearly 600 international meetings took place.

    “I’m very satisfied with the concept – it gives me the opportunity to meet lots of potential business partners! It’s both time– and cost efficient and you get to discuss many topics during the 30 minutes meetings. I have already met several business partners who I will continue working with. This is the new way to meet and create new contacts!” – Tina Olofsson, owner of the Swedish company Grace of Sweden.

    Digital matchmaking = time efficient

    The demand for innovative fabrics and sustainable services is bigger than ever based on company’s requests. The matchmaking gave the opportunity to meet new material suppliers, production service providers, agents or distributors from near and far abroad. Companies used the possibility to connect, some companies had more than 10 international meetings during the 4 days of the event.

    “The event was great. The technology worked fantastically, and the meetings were efficient and calm. I am super happy and I have already found several potential business partners.” – Annette Philip, Swedish participant and owner of ­­Annette Philip Design.

    The event was free of charge and companies thought it was technically easy-to-use and an investment-free access option. All this without having to leave home.

    “I found Textile Connect 2021 very useful for both my business and expanding personal understanding about the textiles, solutions available and exciting innovations in the industry. It was definitely worth my time since I discovered several potential partnerships during the event” – Augustė Kaknevičiūtė, the owner of a sustainable brand in Lithuania “ONE 100”.

    Zita Volskienė, a representative of AB Šatrija, a manufacturer of technical garments in Lithuania, who participated in this type of event for the first time, was pleased with the idea and organization of the event. She says that in these difficult times, it is a great way to look for partners abroad. And, although she did not have many meetings, she has already agreed with one foreign company on further cooperation.

    Ingrida Braziūnienė, one of the organizers of the event, also states, that the interest of the worldwide textile community shows how relevant events such as Textile Connect 2021 are.

    “The number of meetings indicates that there is always an interest to cooperate. Textile companies from all over the world represent different products and services and with the help of events like Textile Connect 2021 they can significantly expand their client base abroad” – Ingrida Braziūnienė, manager of International Relations and Protocol Department.

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