• LT-PL cooperation platform supporting newly established business and promoting entrepreneurship

    2019-06-05 15:37
    Project name: LT-PL cooperation platform supporting newly established business and promoting entrepreneurship
    Project funding program: The ERDF support to the 2014-2020 (Interreg V-A) Lithuania –Poland Cooperation Programme is 85 % of total budget, the national co-ofinancing is 15 % of total budget.
    Project coordinator: Kaunas Technology University
    Project partners:
    • Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
    • Alytus College
    • Tauragė District Municipality Administration
    • Bialystok University of Technology
    • Science and Technology park Poland – East in Suwalki
    Duration of the project: February 2017 – July 2018
    Project target audience:
    • Youth with the aim to create own business
    • Adults  with the aim to create own business (“silver” entrepreneurs)
    • Small and medium business
    • Overall society
    Project aim and objectives:



    Objective is to promote business creation, development through improved business support services by knowledge and good practice sharing in business support organizations and mentoring of youth and other members of society in order to increase quality of business support services, quantity of new established business entities and regional economic growth.

    1.         Create common project LT-PL CooPlatform.

    2.         To work out an example models:

    2.1.    Guidelines “Good practice of launching entrepreneurs”.

    2.2.    Guidelines “Good practice of accelerating business entities”.

    3.         To organize 7 “Big Idea” competitions.

    4.         To organize 2 cross border workshops with external experts and 2 experience exchange visits, final conference.

    5.         To organize 4 on-line workshops with external experts.

    6.         To mentor of new businesses, to establish 5 new companies (all partners).

    7.         To disseminate outputs and results of the project.

    Project benefits: Results of Kaunas CCIC:

    1.         Newly established business entities – 6.

    2.         Number pf persons having participated in trainings and events – 387.

    3.         Number of provided consultations – 226.

    4.         Number of persons who have got consultations – 134.

    5.         Organized competitions and international trainings with workshops – 4.

    6.         Upgraded join service for business establishment and development.

    Experts of Kaunas CCIC were involved in development of guidelines “Good practice of launching entrepreneur”, “Good practice of accelerating business entities”.

    Project team was involved in the project dissemination activities: preparation of posts for project page in Facebook, preparation of press articles, TV reportage, newsletters, promotional material.

    Project website: www.istartup.eu
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