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Facilitating Access To Lifelong Learning Through The Development Of Recognition Procedure Of Non-Formal And Informal Learning


Leonardo da Vinci project “Facilitating Access to Lifelong Learning Through the Development of Recognition Procedure of Non-formal and Informal Learning” LT/03/B/P/PP-171013

Duration of the project

2 years.



The project partnership

Vytautas Magnus University Centre for Vocational Education and Research would be the project co-ordinator and contractor. The project is planned to be implemented by the experienced team: Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Kaunas Trade and Business School, Landesinstitut Sozialforschungsstelle (Germany), Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training and Odense Technical College.

The project aim

To facilitate access for different age groups people for the recognition of their competencies, acquired during non-formal and informal learning, trying to develop a favourable environment and basis for individual lifelong learning.

The project objective

To develop a package of tools, which would ensure an independent valuing of non-formal and informal learning in the target sector of retail trade, in order to recognise persons’ competencies, acquired during non-formal and informal learning in their working life.

The project tasks and expected results

  1.  The modified retailer curriculum to a modular programme, taking into consideration the newly prepared standard and best practice of foreign partner countries.
  2.  The development a methodology for valuing non-formal and informal learning in the target sector of retail trade:
    Methods for recognition of professional competencies and qualifications;
    Development of a guide for assessors (assessor’s portfolio, valuing approaches, tasks, etc).
  3.  A trained and qualified assessors group.
  4.  Recognition of a retailer qualification for the target group.
  5.  Practical-political recommendations in the field of valuing non-formal and informal learning.

Dissemination of the project results and the project sustainability

The dissemination strategy of the project is based on the development of a network of organisations such as regional labour exchange, chambers of commerce, trade unions, VET centres and others, by different dissemination means (internet, membership systems, newsletters and publicity events) to inform and consult persons, interested to get recognition of their competencies and qualifications acquired during non-formal and informal learning. The newly developed methodology (as well as a guide for assessors) could be applied (with the necessary modifications) to recognise and validate competencies and qualifications of persons from different sectors.