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ETAP for Tourism


Innovative Tools And Procedures For Non-Formal
 And Informal Learning Validation In Tourism Sector
 (ETAP for tourism)


The project addresses the problem of validation of non-formal and informal learning, which responds to the needs of employees and job-seekers to have recognition of their competencies acquired during their working period. The tourism sector has been chosen as a target sector because of the increasing number of individuals working in tourism sector (hotels) in Lithuania and other EU partner countries.

The project aims project objectives

The aim of the project is to evaluate the existing tools and practices for validating non-formal learning and to offer the most practical and relevant ones based on the experience of the five EU countries. The project objective is to facilitate the process of validating non-formal learning, with a focus on the needs of the pilot tourism sector.

The project tasks and expected results

• Analysis of the most practical tools, instruments and procedures used in 5 EU countries for validation non-formal learning.
• Methodological practical recommendations including set of the most practical tools for validating non-formal learning in the tourism sector
• Modular programmes in tourism (hotels) sector: VET level and college level
• Electronic competences testing programme for tourism sector
• Trained assessors in VET schools, companies and colleges
• Companies employees and other individuals having passed competence tests

The project partnership

The project will be implemented by 8 partners from 5 EU countries. The partnership is based on the effort to use the best European practice in the field of validation of non-formal learning. Each country has its own tools, instruments and procedures as well as different contexts: different legislation, educational systems.

Valorization of the project results and impact

Valorisation is based on several levels: organisational, national, sectoral and international level. The dissemination activity will be organized in the partners’ organisations, on the national level (through national, sectoral) networks as well as international networks of the project partners. It is a challenge for the project partnership to make the project and its outputs visible as well as to ensure that the products would be easily accessed by target groups and sector representatives.




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Norton Radstock College
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Radstock, United Kingdom,
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