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Business assistant – entrepreneurship promotion by embracing the competencies of technology parks and valleys

Business assistant – entrepreneurship promotion by embracing the competencies of technology parks and valleys

Title of the project: „Business Assistant – Entrepreneurship Promotion by Embracing the Competencies of Technology Parks and Valleys“

Project No. VP2-2.2-ŪM-02-K-01-030

Budget of the project:  1.008.722 Lt (292.146,00 euro)
 Financed by: European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund

Duration of the project:  2014 January - 2015 June.

Partnership of the project:

  • PI „Technopolis“ - Beneficiary
  • Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
  • PI „Sunrise valley“
  • PI „Kaunas district Tourism and Business Information Centre“
  • Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
  • PI “Panevėžys Science and technology park“
  • PI “Klaipėda Science and technology park“
  • Association „Valley Nemunas“ 

General information

One of the most important conditions for the entrepreneurship development is innovation and knowledge based economy, as well as competence to create and apply new knowledge. The project aims to enhance entrepreneurship level in the Partners’ territories, by integrating the innovation support services, by improving the current knowledge and technology dissemination environment that would encourage more active use of innovation support services among people intending to start business and existing business community. Taking in account that one of the lowest entrepreneurship level is in Marijampolė region, the majority of activities and service package of innovation support consultations, which would contribute to start new business and develop the existing business, will be provided in Marijampolė region.

Goal of the project – to provide services of innovation support consultations and thus improve business conditions for small and medium-sized business entities and persons intending to start business.

Task of the project – to provide a better quality information and services that satisfy business needs.

During the project implementation period the partners:

  • Will organise 5 informational events in Kaunas (March 5, 2014), Marijampolė (March 12, 2014), Vilnius (March 18, 2014), Panevėžys (March 20, 2014), Klaipėda (March 26, 2014). Informational events are meant for enhancement of entrepreneurship by establishing new small and medium business entities and spreading of innovations in business culture, seeking to create and maintain working places in the existing business entities; encourage entrepreneurship or community, especially of young people and women.
  • Will carry out consultations that would provide possibility to develop entrepreneurship skills, ensure dissemination of innovation support services and receive high quality consultations.

Benefit of the project – formation of entrepreneurial community and culture, new business entities established and working places created and maintained.

It is expected that after the embracement of the partners’ high quality potential, the interest in innovation support services, as well as in business establishing and innovative development, will increase.

Planned results:

  • Created new and maintained working places in the entities that used the provided services – 24;
  • Established new small and medium sized business entities – 20.