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Better Environment – Better Business

Better Environment – Better Business

Specific action (under Enterprise Europe Network program) „Better Environment – Better Business“, project No. EEN/SPA/10/SMESENV/283591 – BEBB

Project duration 

12/12/2011 – 11/12/2013

Project coordinator

Stiftelsen Europa Institutet (EIV) (Sweden)

Project website


Project partners

  • Бизнес информационен и консултантски център - Сандански (Bulgaria)
  • Eesti Kaubandus-Tööstuskoda (Estonia)
  • Enterprise Europe Network Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany)
  • Kauno prekybos, pramonės ir amatų rūmai (Lithuania)
  • VšĮ Lietuvos inovacijų centras (Lithuania)
  • Türkiye Teknoloji Geliştirme Vakfı (Turkey)

General aim of the project

The BEBB- project has one major goal, to raise awareness on environmental services to SMEs and help these companies transforming environmental challenges into concrete business opportunities through individualized environmental services. The BEBB project will help companies raise their awareness on the advantages that could result from the implementation of environmental solutions which could bring to them competitive advantages due to better environmental performances. The project will involve environmental service providers, ESPs, which will help companies.

Specific aims

  • Reduce waste collecting
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Implement environmental friendly production

Target group

  • Waste management companies
  • Companies, which operating waste after production in big quantities
  • Building materials producers
  • Environmental service providers (ESP’s).